Fishers of Men (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! My FATHER is a great FISHERMAN. He has a procedure that he must go through CLEANING his fish so that they can be ready to SERVE in record TIME.  First in the procedure is TONKING THEM IN THE HEAD. He doesn’t want them to SUFFER through the PROCESS. Now is when the work really begins. He SCALES them BACK, CLEANS THEM UP, and cuts them into PERFECT PORTIONS. Our FATHER in Heaven wants to make us “FISHERS OF MEN.” It may seem PAINFUL, but some of you need to be HIT IN THE HEAD to begin the PROCESS. You’re a KEEPER!! Now throw God’s NET of LOVE down and GATHER all YOU can CATCH for Him, so your FATHER in Heaven can CLEAN THEM UP and have them be READY TO SERVE TOO!!! Joy. Love you 🙂

Image retrieved from,r:9,s:33&biw=1604&bih=787

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