A Golden Crown (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! My husband is miserable!! He has a ROTTEN TOOTH that needs to be PULLED. He waited too long to FILL IT. It’s so PAINFUL now. It started off little, but it has DECAYED from the inside out. What’s ROTTEN and needs EXTRACTING from your life? Go to the ROOT of the problem. If you don’t REMOVE IT, over time IT will STINK. These ADHESIVES that STICK to you are a FALSE SET. God used His Son Jesus as a BRIDGE for the GAPING SPACES left behind. He can PERMANTLY IMPLANT Himself INSIDE YOU. Just OPEN UP!! He will CAP you with HIS GOLDEN CROWN. He gave you those WISDOM TEETH for a reason, us them and BITE ON TO THIS!! Joy, Love you.

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