Posted in December 2012

Christmas Scare (by D.A. Cobb)

When our first two children were very young our next door neighbor gave us an inflatable Santa. The following day was Christmas Eve and that evening after we tucked them in and said our prayers (a special one was whispered for Santa’s safe flight) it was time to get ready for the excitement of the … Continue reading

Dust (by Len Winneroski)

As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him; for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust. – Psalm 103:13-14 One of the most powerful examples of grace in the Bible is found in the eighth chapter of the Gospel of … Continue reading

Carousel (by D.A. Cobb)

Many years ago I was with a very special young woman at a major Midwestern airport. We were there to welcome friends traveling from Europe. We arrived early and I suggested we have a leisurely dinner and then walk to the gate. As we were approaching the concourse we passed a gift shop and my … Continue reading

For This Christmas (by Debrah S. Bernier)

For this Christmas, I wish I could give A heart filled with love And joy with which to live. I wish there would be Happiness and peace, And on your life, you Would have a new lease. For this Christmas, I pray that you Would come to know Jesus, It’s His season, too!

Black and Blue (by D.A. Cobb)

Yesterday as I waited at a traffic light, I noticed dark and ominous clouds signaling the approaching storm predicted by our local weatherman. Yes, he is right once in a while. What perked my attention was as the front moved toward me the contrast between the blue sky and the black clouds was striking. They … Continue reading

Strings (by Len Winneroski)

The strings of your guitar were once filled with life and hope. Now they are still. With these strings you escaped to better places to quiet your soul. Now you have peace. The chords that you played were prayers that bent the ear of God. Now you see His face. Your guitar was an attentive … Continue reading