Posted in April 2012

All (by Debrah S. Bernier)

All of my hope is in You, Lord, Without You I have none. For You are God in heaven, The Holy Spirit and the Son. All of my love is due You, Lord For You alone are love. You wrap it gently ’round us Poured out from heaven above. All of my peace is in … Continue reading

Changed (by Debrah S. Bernier)

Lord, how I love To hear Your name. Since I’ve accepted You I have never been the same. For You changed my heart- Turned it from stone to flesh, Took away my old attitudes And made them new and fresh. You made me something precious Out of nothing very good, And helped me to become … Continue reading

God Made (by Debrah S. Bernier)

God made the beauty of the oceans, And the fragrance of the sea. When He made them He spoke That is how they came to be. He made the lovely flowers bloom, And made the birds to fly. He made the baby chick yellow And made children to ask “Why?”. God knew what He was … Continue reading

Helping Hand (by Debrah S. Bernier)

The Lord won’t give you More than you can stand. Just call upon His name, He offers you a helping hand. He will bring you Through the mighty flood. He paid our way out With His oh, so precious, blood. So when you feel overwhelmed, Thinking you can’t go on- Just trust in Him- Your … Continue reading

He Is There (by Debrah S. Bernier)

When the day is lonely And, oh, so very long I’ll gladly praise Your name And join the angels in their song. Your praise shall be In the depths of my heart, And, therefore spill forth Then, from my mouth, depart. Yes, when the day’s lonely Always remember He’s there, To love and to guide … Continue reading

Your Spirit Is…(by Debrah S. Bernier)

Your Spirit’s alive within me Due to Your glorious grace, And also because of Your mercy Which shines on my humble face. Your Spirit’s working within me For I have changed due to You, I pray that the changes continue ‘Til, with Your plans, I am through. Your Spirit is comforting me And helping me … Continue reading

Inspiration (by Debrah S. Bernier)

I know You’ve covered Me and my sins. I know against the devil You’re the One who wins. You are the only wise King Who knows right from wrong, And You’re the inspiration For many a poem and song. You are my inspiration To do the things I do. The good things, the kind things … Continue reading

As I Walk (by Debrah S. Bernier)

As I walk slowly Along Your path, There are times of pain And joy that makes me laugh. There are times of love And times of sorrow, It’s then You give me strength To get me to tomorrow. But walking Your way, The way that You lead, Is much better still When Your words I … Continue reading

Easter (by D.A. Cobb)

Her name is Easter. I knew of her by reading the book Scars and Stripes[1], a family biography written by her son, a gifted writer and pastor. It is the story of a family’s struggle in the rugged coal mining sections of Kentucky and West Virginia and their survival from the hands of an alcoholic … Continue reading