Buckle Up (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! My daughter is going to try to take her written DRIVERS TEST without DRIVERS ED. There are plenty of COMMANDS and SIGNS to remember. It’s a PRIVILEGE DRIVING, we need to follow the RULES. This is true with GOD. As long as we YIELD to His SIGNS we can continue without STOPPING for BACKUP TRAFFIC. CONSTRUCTION WORK is SLOW, but it SMOOTHES the BUMPS and HOLES that we fall in. He SHINES on us through our LOW BEAMS and HIGH BEAMS. Try to Avoid U-TURN and NEVER park next to a FIRE HYDRANT. Before you leave for your DESTINATION, make sure you’re STRAPPED in. GRAB on to the BELT OF TRUTH. If something prevents you from PULLING it across your HEART. LET IT GO!! Start over. I promise you the WARNING SIGNS will go off. Joy, love you!

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