God’s Royal Flush (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! My sister Marty was in Las Vegas. She had a WAKE UP CALL set and was AWAKEN by the voice of the KING!! Elvis Presley!! Shake, rattle and roll. Which KING are you WAKING up too? And is it worth GAMBLING your eternal life on? Entertainment maybe all you want. But Participating may have you SPINNING a WHEEL that never ends. This WHEEL of FORTUNE could COST you much. My KING HIGH has GIVEN YOU a SLOT in everlasting life with DIAMONDS. He’s not BLUFFING. He wants a FULL HOUSE to be THERE. If you don’t GO ALL IN you could have to rely on your THREE OF A KIND, 666. DON’T TAKE IT!!!  With my KING and YOU as His ACE that’s a ROYAL FLUSH that BEATS it every time. Take it. It’s best HAND you’ll ever get. Joy Unspeakable, love you 🙂

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