Manna Contributors

UnknownPlease pray for the following brothers and sisters who are already sharing their hearts and gifts on Manna and Coffee.  I also praise God for everyone who is taking the time to view, promote, and/or encourage through your prayers and positive comments.

I would love you add YOUR name to this growing list of manna contributors!

Rebecca Albrecht (writer)

Greg Allen (writer/musician)

Dr. David A. Baillie (writer/pastor/teacher)

James R. Bee (writer)

Debrah S. Bernier (writer)

Joseph Bertin (writer)

Daniel A. Briere (writer)

Aaron Case (writer)

Pat Cegan (poet)

Claudette (writer/miracle witness)

Donald A. Cobb (writer/author)

Laura Currier (writer)

John Elliott (writer, church planter)

Kyle Evans (writer, dad)

Larissa Elliott (writer, church planter)

Matt Evans (writer, artist)

Marquita Evans (writer)

Anthony Joseph Ferriell (writer/teacher)

Mahala (Hayley) Frandsen (writer)

Forest E. Getter IV (writer/pastor)

Carrie Herndon (writer)

Brian K. Huckabee (photography)

Frank D. Jonez (writer/musician)

John Loy (writer/teacher)

Marker158 – Steve Anderson (Percussion), Jeff Chynoweth (Bass/Vocals), and Mike Hall (Guitar/Vocals)

Ricky Maye (writer/author)

Jerry T. McAdams (writer/teacher)

Ronni Meier (writer)

Kristen Mellot Parker (writer)

Samantha Morgan (writer/author)

Andrew Mullek (writer/author)

Nichole Munson-Isaac’s (writer)

Jamar Plummer (musician)

James Prather (writer/teacher)

Zellie M. Quinn (writer)

Becky Rommel (writer)

Tony Rumble (writer)

Jen Duffy Ruzicka (writer)

Denise Kendall Totten (writer)

Eric Tromiczak (writer)

Angie Ward (writer/speaker/teaching/coaching)

Martha J. Weber (writer)

Bryce Wendler (writer/teacher)

Ben Whitehead (writer)

Aaron Winneroski (writer/media extraordinaire)

Paige Jia Qin Winneroski (writer)

Lindsey Winneroski (writer)

Len Winneroski (writer/author)

Yoli Worth (writer)

Joel Young (writer)

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