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Acceptance (by Rebecca Albrecht)

Watching the final fare wells of the Oprah shows I could not agree with her more as she spoke that thru the 25 years, guest after guest and with many varied topics that there was a common thread…..Everyone only wanted one thing and one thing alone as their foundation……and that is acceptance.  To feel worthy, … Continue reading

Spiritual Detox (by Rebecca Albrecht)

God removes our strengths within ourselves.  God knows what it takes for us to let Him in our hearts and to work through us. We are on the throne, and not God, WHEN we boast of our ability and think we know what needs to be done and we can do it!  OUCH….pride, self-sufficiency, rebellion, stubbornness, … Continue reading

Cravings (by Rebecca Albrecht)

“For He satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness.” Psalm 107:9 Do you crave anything?  Drinks, cigarette, food, new clothes, new furniture….an endorphin high? Is your craving filling a void?  Most cravings are a form of a relationship issue.  Not just with people but also with things. The word “crave” means … Continue reading

The Power of Love (by Rebecca Albrecht)

“You shall not take revenge and you shall not bear a grudge; you shall love your neighbor as yourself, I am God.” Leviticus 19:18 Reading an article about love and the Jewish view has been amazingly insightful.  Using this scripture they state that Love has an infinite amount of intrigue and power, but primarily it … Continue reading

The Word (by Rebecca Albrecht)

The word inspires me and gives me hope WHEN I am living right.  However, when I am amiss I get upset with the Word….like a pouting child saying it doesn’t work…..yes, you just have to believe it and let it work in you. Of course, like in recovery from anything else in life you have … Continue reading

Belief (by Rebecca Albrecht)

Belief is a choice.  God’s word is true and you have a choice to believe that or not. Knowing something is true in your head isn’t easy to live out as the intellect isn’t a great motivator.  When this knowing connects with your heart…that is the fuel that ignites!!! Jesus wants the whole world to … Continue reading

God’s Love (by Rebecca Albrecht)

I never wanted to die without being loved for who I am…not for what I can do or give…but just for who I am. How could I believe God loved me so much when family of origin did not?  It was all performance and conditional…Yikes! Many believers do not believe God loves them and they … Continue reading

Teaching Others (by Rebecca Albrecht)

Do we do what we teach others to do?  Heard a sermon today of meat and potatoes…at the end the preacher handed out pieces of paper which had on one side the word “application” and the other side the phrase “prayer request.”  His intent was for us is not to just to hear the Word and … Continue reading

I See You Hiding (by Rebecca Albrecht)

I see you hiding there, come out and dance with Me. Hide and seek isn’t just for kids, there is an adult version that is like the parable of the talents.  We bury our talent, acting as if it needed to be preserved.  Talents and gifts are given to us for His glory.  Shying away, … Continue reading