Posted in October 2010

A New Calendar (by Becky Rommel)

Good morning! It’s October, this year is almost over. The new CALENDARS will be coming out. Mine is a mess! I love those CALENDARS with the pictures on the top, but my life is way to busy for those. I need more space in my CALENDAR for all the DATES and events that seem to … Continue reading

Seasons and Beauty (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! All the wind and rain brought down the beautiful leaves today. The trees are starting to look bare and the beauty seems to be fading. I don’t like it. I have many friends that are suffering from illness and hard times. It’s hard to believe that good things could come out of such … Continue reading

Purr-fect (by Becky Rommel)

Good morning!! One of my ladies has a CAT named “Maddie.” She is mean!! Even though I feed her, talk sweet to her, and change her bedding, I get NO LOVE. When I walk by her she SWAT’S me in the leg!! I see why she has NINE LIVES. She doesn’t even like her own … Continue reading

Smile (by Denise Kendall Totten)

I looked at my Bible today and saw something that made me smile. It was a fingerprint. It is a habit for me when I am really stuck on a verse to hold my head in my hands as I am reading, more times than not when I am stuck I will also hold my … Continue reading

The Perfect Job (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!!! How much time do you spend at your JOB? If we spent the same amount of time with God as we did with our JOB we would definitely be SUCCESSFUL. I used to be a PART-TIME Christian. I would attend Sunday MEETINGS and listen to the BENEFIT PACKAGE that came with the JOB … Continue reading

Don’t Fall Behind (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!!! I love the AUTUMN SEASON and the HARVEST it produces. God also wants to produce a HARVEST of great abundance in your life. But be careful of the FALL. Satan loves it when you GOURD yourself in sin that ends up SQUASHING you. HAY I’ve seen Satan actually STALK people to the point … Continue reading

Removing the Mask (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!!! As HALLOWEEN approaches, it’s not the MASKS that SCARE me it’s what’s underneath them. The things people try to cover up in their lives, it’s FRIGHTENING!! Yes I’M talking MONSTERS. It’s not a TRICK that made you behave like this, and it’s not a TREAT for the people who live with you either. … Continue reading

Champion for God (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! My son loves to watch UFC WRESTLING on TV. It’s wild ANYTHING GOES!! This applies to Satan as well. He will try to do whatever it takes to KNOCK ME OUT. He loves to take CHEAP SHOTS by THROWING some LOW BLOWS. I instantly go on the DEFENSE. He knows in the end … Continue reading

Pits to Praise (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! I have to FILL my body SOAP dispensers often, I never want to run out. I can get pretty DIRTY and SWEATY from CLEANING MESSES made. I can’t help but notice how many dispensers sit EMPTY. Are you? God has given you the means to WASH UP through Him. But some people just … Continue reading

God Supreme (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! My son would eat PAPA JOHNS PIZZA everyday if he could, he loves it that much. God loves us so much there are never any LEFTOVERS. We were made SPECIAL with the WORKS! My HUNGER was finally SATISIFIED the day He knocked on my door and DELIVERED ME. GOD is so GOOD. I … Continue reading

Shades of Glory (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! Fall, “God’s Coloring Book.” And what a picture He can paint! The Sun reflected shades of red on the leaves that hang from the trees while walking today. It’s beauty surpassing anything made by man. And yet to think that the leaves were actually dying. Such beauty thru its death. Beauty also came … Continue reading

Sick and Tired (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! There sure is a lot of SICKNESS going around. And I don’t mean just PHYSICAL. Satan loves it when we get SICK of our lives. Here are some of the SYMPTOMS to beware of. If you go from CHILLIN to HOT in seconds; You start to SWEAT the small stuff; You become a … Continue reading