Second Thought (by D.A. Cobb)

I left the house this morning with a chip on my shoulder. Avery large and angry chip! People rarely see this side of me as I try to focus on self-control as found in Galatians 5:22. Today was the exception.

I have been successful in marketing Volume 1 by concentrating on locally owned Christian bookstores. Because of the difficult economic times together with high competition for shelf space I have decided to leave copies under a consignment agreement. This way the owner doesn’t have any upfront expense while, at the same time, they can display my book without loss or worry.  These friendly shop keepers have offered me book signings, appearances at street fairs and space at seasonal and Christmas festivals. What a wonderful and supportive group. Until recently!

A few weeks ago I left a copy at a store in the southern part of the state with the understanding the owner would review it and contact me. No response. I left messages at her shop and on her cell phone. Again no response. Her assistant even arranged an appointment but she was a no-show. So my chip and I got in the car on a mission to retrieve my book.

As I entered the store, dressed in my combative armor and carrying my chip for support, I came upon a sudden and unexpected scene. I saw the cashier standing behind the counter reading my paperback edition. I told her I was the author and was there to pick up my book. She told me how much she was enjoying reading it, how it was such a gifted source of encouragement and how my writings could be used for His purpose by her church’s devotional groups.

I put the chip in my pocket, took off the breast plate, autographed the copy, gave it to her as a gift and drove home. I guess you could say I felt ashamed over my earlier irritable and testy attitude.

Read as Ezra, the priest, prays to the Lord,

and prayed: O my God,

I am too ashamed and disgraced

to lift up my face to you, my God,

because our sins are higher than our heads

and our guilt has reached to the heavens.”

Ezra 9:6

Yet another example for me to experience His closeness as He once again gently nudges this sinner in the right direction. I am like the lost lamb and He, as always, the present and loving Shepherd.

Isaiah 40:11

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