Fragrant (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! My sister buys me PERFUME each Christmas. There are so many different FRAGRANCES I never can remember the NAMES of all of them. It’s all the GOOD STUFF I can’t AFFORD to BUY.  When Christ DESIGNED you it also came at a very HIGH PRICE. He thinks YOU were GOOD STUFF and you’re WORTH the PRICE, you’re BEAUTIFUL. His OBSESSION for you last for ETERNITY. The REALITY is your very ESSENCE brings a PLEASANT SCENTS of JOY that CURVES anything you can buy from 5th AVENUE. You are a MIRACLE to him like COOL WATER that flows. You are His PASSION. And one day soon you will meet your DESIGNER and He will place WHITE DIAMONDS on you that will STAY  FOREVER!! We will be so HAPPY!!  Love you my friends and you are smelling good. Joy Unspeakable.

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