Under Construction (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! My husband’s father was a CARPENTER. He had many TOOLS in his possession so he could make beautiful things. When you feel that you’ve been HAMMERED too hard and all you see is SCREW UPS in your life. Remember God is not done with you yet. You are still under CONSTRUCTION. God SAW something special in you. If you let go of the VICE you are holding onto so tightly, He could move you to a new LEVEL, and things would start to BALANCE OUT. Stop throwing a monkey WRENCH in everything. Know wonder you’re NUTS. Drop the DRY WALL you have up between you and God, and He can start FILLING IN THE HOLES of your life. Life is a JIG SAW. Whose hand do you want controlling it? How about the CARPENTER son JESUS? I NAILED that one! Joy, love you 🙂


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