Tax Time (by D.A. Cobb)

Here we go again! It is that time of year when we begin the annual ritual of collecting last year’s tax records to show income, expenses and deductions. To me, this is a very taxing time. I have an accountant who completes and files the necessary forms but I am still the one who needs to dig out the information.

Many people under report their income, others over report their expenses while some don’t even bother to report. It’s no wonder as I have read estimates that say the U.S. tax code is over 54,000 pages in length. I won’t go into the merits one way or the other but this is sheer madness. We even have a presidential hopeful running on a platform of ending the tax system entirely and his message is beginning to gain traction.

By April 15th we need to either send a check to the government or start the lengthy wait for our well deserved refund. I should receive a check this year but prayerfully next time will be different and I will owe the government. I’m even looking forward to the day.  No I haven’t lost my senses.

Within the next few years Volume 3 of God Is Everywhere will be published and available in bookstores, online and through my publisher. The book was written, as were Volumes 1 and 2, as a testimonial to God’s everlasting presence and love. My prayer is for these books to be successful and for them to be an encouragement to others. The size of the royalty checks will be this writers’ benchmark and will be fully taxable. From the fruit of these labors I plan to tithe and give back to God what is really His. Read the instructions the Lord gave Moses on Mount Sinai,

“A tithe of everything from the land, whether grain from the soil

or fruit from the trees, belongs to the LORD;

it is holy to the LORD”

                                                         Leviticus 27:30

I have said many times my writing is for Him, not me. If it were not so I would define it as supplemental retirement income not as God’s treasure. What greater satisfaction is there than to write a book with the intent to introduce or re-enforce a readers’ closeness to Jesus Christ? He stands patiently with arms stretched and palms open to welcome His children into their eternal refuge of comfort and love.

I trust a day will come when I will shout with delight, “the tax man cometh.”


Malachi 3:10

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