Sweet Truth (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! I bought my family each a HEART shaped box of CHOCOLATE for VALENTINES. Some say “life is like a box chocolates you never know what you’re going to get.” But that’s not true when you OPEN your HEART to GOD. You were no SURPRISE to Him. He HAND PICKED you from the beginning. You were identified and WRITTEN by NAME from ABOVE. He knew when we were MADE the different ASSORTMENT of people He COVERED. Some are SOFT, some very STICKY, some are SWEETER the others and a few are just plan HARD to SWALLOW!! I’m NUTS!! But when most of us are UNWRAPPED we are BROKEN. Whatever SHAPE you’re in today, your HEART first needs to be OPENED to God. Your ONE OF A KIND. Joy, love you 🙂

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