Inside Out (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! While working I glanced into a mirror and noticed how dirty my white shirt had gotten. Then I realized my shirt was the WRONG SIDE OUT or some would say INSIDE OUT. Wow, I’ve been wearing it all day long in front of people and no one said anything. I bet they think I’m stupid. There are also days when I show people the WRONG SIDE of myself. I try wearing the DESIGNER NAME ‘Christian’ on my TAG but I end up breaking my THREAD and it RAVELS out everywhere. Some days I think I’m nothing but a CHEAPER BRAND. I need to remind myself that Christ sees me from the INSIDE OUT. My God has a way of REVERSING things. After I CHANGED and REVERSED my shirt. I was AMAZIED it was CLEAN AGAIN.!! HE makes me WHITE AS SNOW. Joy my friends.

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