Yoru Froigvne!! (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! I can’t believe the BOARD GAMES we can PLAY and the different NAMES for each one. I personally like CARDS….yes POKER…. I COULD BE a GAMBLER. I would BET money a lot of you PLAY GAMES with GOD. I’ve SCENE IT happen to us all. LIFE is a MONOPOLY. We will take a CHANCE on anything to PASS GO and COLLECT 200 DOLLARS for the TRIVIAL PURSUIT for happiness. But then TROUBLE happens, a pain in the CHESS and an OPERATION. That’s when we really get a CLUE about what matters in this LIFE and we take a RISK in TRUSTING God. No more GAMES of SOLITAIRE!! Don’t BEAT yourself. He knows you’re SORRY. Now un- SCRABBLE this!! Yoru Froigvne!! Joy Unspeakable Love you :)

Image retrieved from http://www.saladcreative.com/inspired.php?ins=84

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