Eternity Not Evolution (by Daniel A. Briere)

Yesterday, someone asked me how I can teach science, yet believe in the Bible.  I told him, quite simply, that it is a matter of where you put your faith.  To illustrate my point, I asked him, “Do you believe in the law of gravity?”  He replied, “Yes, of course.”  I then asked, “If you were to toss up a ball straight up into the air, how confident are you that it would return to your hand, assuming no natural force would oppose it?”  He said, “Well, I am not sure . . . I guess fairly confident.”  So I asked him, “Would you bet your life on it?”  He said, “Well . . . . maybe.”  I then asked, “How about your eternal life?”  He then said, “Well . . . . probably not.”  I then stated “If you are not willing to risk your eternal salvation on a scientific law, then why put your faith in evolution, which is only a theory?”

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