Gift from the Heart (by Becky Rommel)

Good morning!! My sister sent a very exclusive necklace to Hannah for her birthday. It’s a heart that reads “Please Return to Tiffany’s & Co. of New York” with a special numbered stamp on it. Hannah said, “Why does it say that?”  I told her if she was to lose it, and someone found it, they were to return it back there!! Hannah laughed. “If anyone found this they would never return it because it’s so beautiful.” When you have Christ written on your heart no matter were you go, were you’ve been, you never want to return were you came from. He is written and stamped with love, and HE calls you HIS own. Hannah’s gift from the heart was costly. God’s gift from the heart was priceless!! Joy, love you:-)

Image taken from’s%2Bheart%2Bnecklace

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