Under The Sun Cafe

Dear brothers and sisters, if you live near Whiteland Indiana please check out Under the Sun Cafe which is located at 250 N. US 31 Whitland, Indiana (phone: 317-535-0502 and website: http://www.wumc-in.org/uts_cafe.html).  They are currently open Friday-Sunday.

Here is a link to a PDF file with the rest of their summer concerts: UTS Cafe Progs Summer Music 2010

According to their website their mission is:

Under the Sun Café is a place for reading, sharing conversation, current event studies, classes and fellowship. When you come to an event, workshop or meeting, you’ll find good food and coffee, wireless internet service, TV and video, free books and a book exchange, and more.

Under the Sun Café is also a place for community.  It’s a service club meeting for breakfast. It’s a church group sharing in a book study and parents checking out their children’s art on display. It’s concerts and open mike nights on the weekend. And it’s everyone finding opportunities through the café to participate in service projects and give back in their neighborhoods.

And the best part is that when you eat, you give. Proceeds from the café support the youth, hungry and homeless in our local communities.

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