Redecoration (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! One of my ladies had asked me if I could PAINT her ROOM. She is unable to get the JOB done on her own. This is also true with your life you can’t do this alone. You see it all BORDERS around God. To complete this JOB, you must first make ROOM for Him to WORK for you, starting with the BASE. I know some people who have tried to FILL EMPTY HOLES by getting PLASTERED, or even by STRIPERS. This HOLE can only be FILLED by GOD. These are only being used as FILLERS for AREAS that are BROKEN. Let God RESTORE you with SHADES of brightness and receive His promises. It’s time you REDECORATE. When God is finished, His CROWN MOLDING will bring perfection. Joy Unspeakable Love you!

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