Buck Fever (by D.A. Cobb)

As a young teenager I decided, together with a close friend and neighbor to go deer hunting. At our age and with caring parents we knew shotguns and rifles were out of the question. That left us only one choice, the bow and arrow.

We spent a good portion of the summer months at our backyard practice range shooting at targets mounted on large bales of straw. We actually mastered this difficult sport and could hit the bull’s-eye consistently from both short distances to many yards. It certainly made us look forward to the upcoming hunting season beginning in late fall.

We decided to ask a local farmer if we could use his corn field as our “hunting ground” and received his skeptical approval. He doubted the success of our effort considering our choice of weapons.

Finally the season arrived and we began to build a hunter’s blind made of corn stalks and leaves. The result was the perfect hiding spot and it was now time to test our many months of planning. The long anticipated morning was at hand.

We rose before dawn, dressed ourselves in warm camouflage gear and walked the few miles to the waiting blind and salt lick. The grass was covered with morning dew which sparkled like diamonds reflecting the rising sun. We were in position for only a short time when we heard rustling coming from the encircling woods and there, in all his majestic beauty, was the most beautiful twelve point buck I had ever seen.

Slowly he ventured our way and soon was within shooting range. With bows bent to the breaking point we took aim. Then something happened. I froze. I couldn’t shoot. I couldn’t kill. I had a classic case of “buck fever”.

Do you sometimes experience “buck fever” as you try to land another soul for Jesus? Do you stumble over those well rehearsed words of faith and at times forget important examples of witness and encouragement? I know I have. Sharing personal testimony can be difficult for some, almost impossible for others. It is not easy. Just look at the number of books and articles written on the subject.

Be assured, when done in His name and for His purpose, all attempts to save the lost will be honored by the Father regardless of presentation. That is the reward.

John 1:7   

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