Thanksgiving (by D.A. Cobb)

This afternoon while rearranging a bookshelf I picked up an old and rarely used Bible. A forgotten booklet inside the front cover fell to the floor and as I reached down I noticed it was a daily devotional, aged and tattered, for the month of November.

As believers we have learned to celebrate Thanksgiving daily, praising our Lord for His surrounding presence, and the promise of His patience and understanding.  Whether it is through silent or public worship we are thankful for His gracious blessings and the assurance He provides.

By His intervention we have been introduced to those persons giving direction and motivation to our earthly visit. I remember the high school teacher who spent the time instructing me to make the right choices and the university dean giving me the second chance. I reflect on my proud and respected uncle teaching me the history of the markets and the golf professional taking me under his wing as I drifted between jobs. Or the pastor who brought me to Christ through his instructions and prayers. These I call my “balcony people,” without whom my journey would have been more difficult and my destination less certain.

I thank God for giving me a loving and caring family growing together under His spirit of protection, maturing in character and developing in faith. A family sharing their lives with trust and devotion, with passion and hope. The one God has granted me for this brief moment giving my life meaning and the future a purpose.

It is because of Him these things are made possible and I am thankful for His spiritual guidance and heavenly intent.

My holiday of gratitude is not one of pilgrims or turkey but one celebrating my relationship with Christ and His everlasting message. My hunger is for His friendship and   through Him the ultimate gift of eternal life.

Psalm 100:4 

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