Daylight Savings (by D.A. Cobb)

I live in a state where daylight savings time has been an issue for decades, but at least we never had to “stay up until 2AM” to adjust our clocks forward or backward as did the others within our time zone. It didn’t bother me one way or the other, except when I could only schedule a late afternoon tee time at the local course and had to rush the last few holes before it turned dark. On the other hand, Monday Night Football started an hour earlier so I was able to finish most games before nodding off.

The debate was between the agriculture lobby who favored the status quo and the business sector favoring Eastern Time. Every year the state legislature was asked to make the change as various bills were introduced but none made it out of committee much less a floor vote. Then this year our new governor, who had campaigned on changing the law, succeeded in bringing the parties together and the plan was approved by the narrowest of margins.

Now we can all stay up twice a year, in April and October, as a testament for change.

According to the World English Dictionary the word change means to alter, modify, convert, vary, shift, transform and transmute. The core meaning is to make something or somebody different.

By accepting Christ through the Cross and by His Blood we are asking to be transformed from being a living and godless sinner to a position as His humble and eternal companion and friend. At that moment we experience the closeness and warmth only He can offer by giving us the loving assurance we so desperately seek.

Give God a chance for change.


1 Samuel 10:6

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