No Strings Attached (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!!! I think that God spoke to me at the McDonald’s drive thru today. Sometimes I hear the Holy Spirit tell me to pay for the driver behind me. I just want to bless that person. So today I paid for my order and the person’s behind me and drove to the next window to pick up my order. I then glanced back and watched the confusion behind me. Before I knew it the woman in that car, came up to my car and gave me my money back. She said she didn’t want me to pay for her food. I told her it’s alright I just did it because I love the Lord. I guess I offended her. She gave me my money and said thank you anyway. I instantly got sad, it hurt my feelings she wouldn’t take my gift of love. Then the voice of God spoke to me, He said SEE BECKY, THAT IS HOW YOU MAKE ME FEEL INSIDE WHEN I GIVE YOU GIFTS AND YOU TRY TO PAY ME BACK, JUST ACCEPT IT WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED. I LOVE YOU. God is not the complicated one, I am… Joy Unspeakable 🙂

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