Spiritual Detox (by Rebecca Albrecht)

God removes our strengths within ourselves.  God knows what it takes for us to let Him in our hearts and to work through us.

We are on the throne, and not God, WHEN we boast of our ability and think we know what needs to be done and we can do it!  OUCH….pride, self-sufficiency, rebellion, stubbornness, and self deceit.  Remember we both can’t be on the throne… or as I say, in the driver’s seat.

What are your beliefs?  Do you think God isn’t there for you?  That He is there for someone else, but not you?  That you are all alone?  Do you think you can lead or drive the car better than Him?  How often do we get self-sufficient in our thinking and doing and leave Him out of the equation.

He wants you healed, free of whatever is keeping you in bondage, provided for… more than you want it, because He loves you so much.  Without His love your whole life is nothing!  No other need is as significant to one’s nature as love.  Without love we perish.  Love is the only spiritual power that can overcome self-centeredness.

My prayer is… God, please let your choice be my choice and THANK YOU for loving me so much!

Image from www.cgaul08.blogspot.com/

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