Gentle Reminder (by D.A. Cobb)

Yesterday while stopped at a traffic light my mind began to wander. It seems to stray more frequently as each year passes. When the signal turned green I was still in some far away and dreamy place, totally unaware of my surroundings.

The driver behind me honked, not loud or rudely as we have come to expect, but a short and courteous beep bringing this wanderer back to reality. It was a nice gesture in a world full of impatient drivers with hurry-up schedules.

We all require some form of prodding whether from a spouse, employer or a friend. It is human nature to need that extra push from those well meaning and interested persons so important in our lives.

God is also in the business of gentle reminders. He loves and cares for all His sheep like  shepherds watching over their cherished flocks. As we predictably drift from His caring protection He quietly, sometimes with severe and unexpected consequences, nudges us back to the timeless pasture of friendship and love.

There are one hundred and thirteen references to the word “shepherd” in the Bible. There must be divine significance why God records the image of a shepherd watching over those in his care. It must be His way of promising the faithful He will provide for them just as the Biblical shepherd guards his treasured livestock. Our Heavenly Protector vows to look after and love us forever and ever.

What gracious assurance from The One we call Father.

Let us never forget the words written by the psalmist,

“….your rod and your staff,

they comfort me.”

Psalm 23:4

This author feels overwhelming peace and security whenever he reads this passage written by David, the prayerful shepherd.

Psalm 23

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