My Journey Through the Desert (by Jen Duffy Ruzicka)

UnknownI have spent a great deal of time thinking about Moses these past few months. I have tried to imagine what he felt during those 40 years in the desert. I can only imagine that he felt confused, abandoned, as though he was watching his life pass hime by. All the while, God was working on the inside and outside – preparing Moses for what was yet to come.

I have felt for much of the past year that this is my journey through the desert. I walk aimlessly through life, trying to make the best of what I have – yet feel as though Im a bit lost. This period of my life feels alien to me. I cant put my finger on it but just know that my heart longs to feel completely whole again.

Moses felt that way…feeling alien in a foreign country. Hebrew 2:22 says, “I have become an alien in a foreign land”. I imagine that he felt like he didnt belong. I know that it is hard for others to completely understand but there are places where we “fit” and other places that are brief stops in our journey. For me, I feel as though this stop is my time in the desert. This is not a negative reflection on any one or any place but an overall feeling. There is just something missing – a small piece of a larger puzzle that has gone missing.

God had amazing plans for Moses and He spent a great deal of time working on the inside and outside of Moses. Inside he was humbling Moses, preparing him for what was yet to come. He was helping Moses learn how to survive, to rely only on God, and to listen to the stillness of our Father. On the outside God was preparing the way for Moses to lead.

I cannot see the end of my journey, I can only see where I am right now at this moment. I know that the desert is quiet, lonely with few distractions. I know that the desert can make a person thirsty. I have become parched for spiritual growth and am gulping down any and all spiritual lessons I can. I have come to rely heavily on my walk with God – learning to only rely on Him.

Faith is what keeps me going. It is what I hold onto – knowing that there is purpose in this brief stop in my spiritual journey. Hebrew 11:1 says, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”. Friends – I do not see what my future holds, and ,many times, I grow weary of this walk but my faith holds tight to the promises of our Father.

Have you been walking in the desert? Do you feel confused, lonely, and hopeless? There is purpose in our journeys through the desert.They prepare us for what is yet to come – use that time to refocus, prioritize and quench you spiritual thirst. Moses may have thought he was only herding sheep but God knew that he was becoming someone – someone with purpose! Do not get so fixated on the location of the lesson that you lose site of the purpose of the location.

I know that there is purpose in this stop and I am waiting for my oasis – where great things await my family, my ministry, and my walk. God works in the most beautiful island to the most desolate of hearts. In palaces or prisons – our Saviour is diligently working…why would a desert be any different?

Love to all – Jen

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