The Gift of Belief (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! When did you stop BELIEVING in Santa Clause? My son remembers the exact day I told him he was a fake! Seth believed as a CHILD because he had no reason not too. He believed because I told him too, and that was good enough. No more cookies and milk lay out by the tree now. They don’t even want PRESENTS anymore WRAPPED. “Just give me MONEY they say”. When UNBEILF STOPS a lot to other things do too. Mark 10:15. If you have faith of a child you will enter into His Kingdom. CHRISTMAS isn’t what we can give; it’s what Christ gave to us. He HUNG on the FIRST CHRISTMAS TREE. So we could be WRAPPED and OPENED by others. Give HIM YOURSELF this CHRISTMAS under the TREE of faith. And just START BELIEVING AGAIN. Joy , Love you.

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