Winter Storm Warning (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! The WINTER STORM they talked about sure came. Its not like we weren’t WARNED ahead of time. Things sure did DETERIORATE FAST. Were you PREPARED? God has WARNED us about the EVENTS that will happen before HIS COMING. Are you PREPARED? Some of you are still ASLEEP, WAKE-UP and look around you. This world’s DETERIORATING FAST. It’s all ADDING UP just as HE PREDICTED. You’ve taken enough TIME OFF. He doesn’t expect you to MAKE UP THE DAYS. But stop DELAYING THEM. Those BACK ROADS are a MESS, you will SPIN OUT OF CONTROL. God has CLEARED the PATH for YOU to COME, FOLLOW ME. You have to LOOK at the one’s who MADE it to WORK. I am ONE of the CHANNEL’S, God is using for YOU to be SAFE NOT SORRY. Joy love you.

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