The Perfect Job (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!!! How much time do you spend at your JOB? If we spent the same amount of time with God as we did with our JOB we would definitely be SUCCESSFUL. I used to be a PART-TIME Christian. I would attend Sunday MEETINGS and listen to the BENEFIT PACKAGE that came with the JOB TITLE. But I still liked being SELF-EMPLOYED because I like being my own BOSS. But then I noticed that I wasn’t getting PROMOTED to anything in my life, which lead me to a LAY OFF completely from God. Then I started to have a lot of SICK DAYS. I could tell Satan wanted me to be FIRED. I decided BREAK TIME was over. I made ONE CHANGE in My RESUME; it says FULL-TIME in Gods hands. No SOCIAL SECURITY for me, I have GOD SECURITY. He gave me a CHRISTMAS BONUS that is out of THIS WORLD, it ended up SAVING ME!!!! Joy Unspeakable 🙂

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