Smile (by Denise Kendall Totten)

I looked at my Bible today and saw something that made me smile. It was a fingerprint. It is a habit for me when I am really stuck on a verse to hold my head in my hands as I am reading, more times than not when I am stuck I will also hold my head in my hands and pray. When I do this my make-up transfers from my face to my fingertips. Then when God reveals His Truth to me I will touch the verse to read it again and there I will leave my make-up fingerprint.

It amazes me how God leaves His fingerprint on me. My relationship with my Lord is unique, and individual. It is not the same with anyone else in my life and the same is true of Him. The relationship God has with me-Denise Kendall Totten is not the same as his relationship with Isaiah, Mathew, Paul, or even Joe Schmoe down the road.

His fingerprint is on me. Makes me smile. Makes me really smile. 🙂


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