Purr-fect (by Becky Rommel)

Good morning!! One of my ladies has a CAT named “Maddie.” She is mean!! Even though I feed her, talk sweet to her, and change her bedding, I get NO LOVE. When I walk by her she SWAT’S me in the leg!! I see why she has NINE LIVES. She doesn’t even like her own family some days. You should hear the CAT fights in that house. Wow!!! I think I know how GOD feels. He blesses us daily with food, water, bedding and HIS LOVE, but in return some SWAT Him off. NO LOVE. Don’t you see how you’re always trying to clean yourself up? NIP it in the bud. You are just creating your own HAIR BALLS to throw-up. Christ gave His ONE LIFE for YOU. He SHED his blood for you. Get a FRESH STEP in life, and let HIM make you PURR- fect. Joy my friends, love you:-)

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