From Junker to Jem (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! We are trying to find a CAR for Hannah Mae and we are RUNNING OUT OF TIME. I saw a CAR for sale and stopped. Before I knew it, a man DROVE up with the KEYS. He seemed DESPERATE to get rid of it, and wanted me to hear the great ENGINE it had. It WOULDN’T START. Wow! Is your BATTERY DEAD? Some of you need to get PLUGGED INTO God and get a SPARK in your life. For STARTERS you need FUELED UP in His Word. That will give you CONNECTIONS to START FIRING BACK UP again. I have seen some RUSTY MESSES. No wonder people aren’t interested in God if that is all we have to OFFER THEM. We don’t even WORK RIGHT. I believe some of us need a TUNE-UP. If you are going to ADVERTISE the MODEL you were MADE from, and it’s God. WORK the INSIDE as WELL as the OUTSIDE. Joy!!

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2 thoughts on “From Junker to Jem (by Becky Rommel)

  1. Good Morning sister loved the message this morning. I can totally relate. I feel like a rusty heap of junk ready for the jundyard most days, but spiritually God takes this mess of junk that I am transforms me daily into a mentally positive warrior ready for battle. It never ceases to amaze me what the Lord can do with junk! He daily molds my rusty being into shiny armor. He presents me with the helmet, breastplate, sword, belt, shield, and boots to protect me; lovely, shiny and new. Now that is some kind of recycling wouldn’t you agree? love ya

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