Payday (by Becky Rommel)

Good morning!! My son works at IU. His first job. He knows now how hard you have to work to get paid now. Well, let’s say not yet!! He is going on his seventh week of work and still no money. Their system didn’t have his name in it. I told Seth in the end you are going to have one great payday!! You will be rewarded for your work. A lot of people believe that’s how they will get to heaven. If they work hard and do what is right they will earn it. But the paper work is messed up. No matter how hard you try to do what is right, the hours won’t add up. You still sin. Only through Christ’s perfect sacrifice are we worthy to receive a pay check, HEAVEN. So why does Seth still work then? It’s simple. He loves it!! :) Joy comes from the lover of my soul. “Jesus” Love you!

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