The First and Last Word (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! henW ouy srehca rof Gdo, uoy lliw dinf Hmi. Did you understand any of that? You could spend a lot of time TRYING to FIGURE it out. These are WORDS with letters that are OUT OF ORDER. Yes, the letters are in groups. But that doesn’t help you FIGURE out the MEANING. They’re just ALL MESSED UP. A WORD is only a WORD if it makes SENSE, and you understand the MEANING of IT. The BIBLE is the WORD of GOD. It is all TRUTH, and TRUTH is KNOWLEDGE. KNOWLEDGE is where we find our MEANING to WORDS. When things are OUT OF ORDER in your life, nothing makes SENSE. The MEANING can’t be found. Do you want MEANING to your life? Then start with the FIRST WORD EVER MADE, the WORD OF GOD!!!  Joy, love you 🙂

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