Good Fruit (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! Wow!! What beautiful juicy red APPLES I bought at Babbs Super Value yesterday. They were just too TEMPTING for me. I understand how EVE felt when she was persuaded to eat from the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE. What kind of FRUIT you CHOSE to PRODUCE in your life has everything to do with the KNOWLEDGE you know about God. God has given you SEEDS to PRODUCE an ORCHARD of GOOD FRUIT. Where have you been HANGING? DON’T let that SNAKE WORM His way around you. That Devil will PEAL you to the CORE and STIR you into a JAM and TOAST YOU!! It will STEM into all kinds of problems. He’s ROTTEN. So look where you’ve been PICKEN, before you BITE IN!!! JOY, Love you:)

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