The God Show (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! My husband was LOOKING for the TV CONTROLLER but couldn’t find it. I told him he needs to FEEL around for it. People also LOOK around for God to no avail. He’s THERE, but you may need to get on your KNEES and try to FEEL for Him till you TOUCH Him. The UP’S and DOWN’S in front of you can CHANGE the CHANNEL’S of your life. But who’s in CONTROL of it anyway? You keep using the WRONG CONTROLLER. It’s PERECTLY CLEAR nothing seems to be working for you. God’s PICTURE is different then what you are VIEWING for yourself. He’s CAPABLE of SEEING the WIDE SCREEN. It’s been PRERECORDED. He’s got your PROGRAMS SCHEDUELED DIRECTLY. Now that you’re in HIS HANDS, press GUIDE, sit back and enjoy the SHOW!! Joy Unspeakable. Love you.

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