Useless Prayer (by D.A. Cobb)

imagesI read a report today discussing the findings of a study involving six hospitals across the country examining whether prayer helps in the recovery of heart bypass patients. It was the largest undertaking of its kind and the results were published with the headline, “Praying for heart-bypass patients didn’t aid recovery”.

The story went on to add, “Those who knew others prayed for them had higher complication rates”.

Do these findings mean our prayers are useless in asking God to heal the sick, comfort the ill and reassure those in poor health and spirit? Only from experience can I strongly disagree and give freely my testimony for His healing presence and loving care.

On the day of my first heart attack I was placed into an induced coma for thirteen days, completely unaware of those at my bedside and not alert to any hospital surroundings. I was later told prayer chains had been set in motion on my behalf and one relative had been fasting until I returned home.

Two months later and three days after my second heart event, bypass surgery was performed, and I knew beforehand that the same groups were again praying for my well-being and recovery. It has now been nine years since the operation with no complications and my health is now the best it has been for years.

Intercessory prayer offers amazing results not only for the patient but also for the provider and no survey, regardless of size or stature, will ever convince me otherwise.

As a non Christian before the bypass procedure I find it is easy to compare then and now as it relates to my God, my Friend. He is without doubt the most important part of my daily life as we talk often, walk together in common harmony and find pleasure in my ultimate goal, Eternal life with Him and His Son, Jesus Christ.

My heart is forever His as I kneel with thanksgiving for the remarkable and powerful healing He gave this desperate and troubled sinner.

We shouldn’t believe everything we read.


Acts 3:16

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