The Currency of Heaven (by Len Winneroski)

Good morning brothers and sisters.  My prayers is that you will find wisdom and peace as you seek to follow our Lord Jesus Christ today.  I was blessed to receive the following post on the site today.  Please take to heart our sister’s request for prayer and her heart-felt desire for her friend to know our Savior.  She writes,

“I met this special man and he gave me this website from a lady that comes in his store, this man I will call him J. he doesn’t know how special he is to me but I hope and pray that he will get on this website and see that he is special to me and I pray he will come to know Jesus like I do and want more so we can be together. So everyone that gets on this site and sees this will you pray that J. will see what Jesus can offer him. Thank you everyone for your prayers and God bless.”

During my reading this week I came across a thought from Dr. Kenneth Boa that I believe fits well with our sister’s request from her eternal family.  Dr. Boa writes,

“The currencies of this world will do us no good in the next unless we previously invested them for Christ’s sake in the lives of other people.  Other-centered relationships that express the love of Christ are the currency of heaven.” –  from Conformed to His Image

One thought on “The Currency of Heaven (by Len Winneroski)

  1. Thank you Len. I will be praying for this man today. Thank you for your words also. I needed to hear them:)

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