Blood Transfusion (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! I can’t help but worry about our HEALTH CARE in this NATION. We want ALL people to be COVERED MEDICALLY, but we still need to LOOK at our BILLS before PAYING FOR IT. I have BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD and it doesn’t SHIELD me from the CROSS I have to bare just PAYING FOR IT. It sure isn’t FREE; I still can’t afford to go to the HOPITAL. O, I know I’m NEGATIVE. I try to B POSITIVE; I’V never thought I would be that TYPE until now. So what STATE are you in? Were in a STATE of EMERGENCY!!! We need HEALING in this NATION. If we want to continue to THRIVE, we need a TRANSFUSION. I know it’s RARE but we need to BAND TOGETHER and take the only SHOT we have left, and that is DRAWING unto GOD. Joy, love you!

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