Sin and Scales (by Becky Rommel)

Good morning!! During our daughter’s volleyball game a lady offered another lady BEHIND me fat FREE potato CHIPS. The lady behind me said, “Thank you” and took them, but said that she was worried because “fat FREE” usually gives herself permission to eat the whole bag. Guess what? She did!! It reminded me how people use that same excuse to sin. They know God died for them, and that they are saved by Grace, so why not enjoy the SALTY things of life? One big problem, sin always leads to unwanted results. The container said fat FREE, not pound FREE. How many years have you been trying to CHIP away at the results your sin has left in YOUR BEHIND!! CRACKED UP CHIPS are difficult to pick up. God GAVE you His portion FREE. Don’t cause any more RUFFLES. Pick you’re SERVING SIZE carefully. Joy Unspeakable love you 🙂

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