EGGSTRADINARY (by Becky Rommel)

UnknownGood Morning… Experts say the right nutrition is the best way to start your day off each morning. I would have to agree, that is why I BREAK-FAST into God’s Word. You see that doesn’t go OVER EASY well with the devil. It doesn’t take Satan very long to try to SCRAMBLE everything I try to digest. But this CHICK doesn’t put up with him anymore. I could give you a DOZEN reasons why. Before I understood Gods plan for me I was a BROKEN SHELL. Some would say I was CRACKED!! Q BAD EGG. I was always trying to carry a heavy YOKE of condemnation for myself and others. But God changed all that for me, and he can do that for you. And to all you PEEPS out there who think they are nothing more then a ROTTEN EGG because you stay hidden all year except Easter Sunday Morning……God thinks you are EGGSTRADINARY and calls you beautiful. Easter is a great day to be found by GOD!!! Love you! Joy Unspeakable.

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