Worth (by D.A. Cobb)


Wakehurst Place Mansion 1, West Sussex

The other day I read the board of directors of a major oil company had approved the retirement benefits for the outgoing chairman. His pension is estimated to have a value of four hundred million dollars. That’s right, $400,000.000. Is any one individual really entitled to such an outlandish payment? What possible guidelines were used to determine this figure and who in the world oversees the board?

Not long ago the chairman of the New York Stock Exchanged retired and there was such an uproar that the members went to court to block what they thought was his outrageous package.

We certainly live in a time of extravagance and material delight. So many are obsessed with self and the collection of perks, and for what? There is a 23,000 square foot mansion in my hometown that has 7 bedrooms, 13 baths, 9 fireplaces and 6 carpeted and heated garages. I figure there is enough room in the master bedroom to fit two of my houses. It is being sold by the court in order to satisfy the owner’s debt.

I know families who purchased monster houses but can’t afford to furnish them and can barely afford the mortgage payments. Ridiculous! I have always marveled at why people are so discontent and want more, more and even more. I guess it makes them feel good for a while and then on to the next whim.

There is a boardroom in Heaven where the eternal worth of everyone is decided and it is not determined by wealth or riches. How we accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior, through His Cross and by His Blood, is the only way possible according to the Bible that we can hope to reach the promised Kingdom.

God loves all His children and that in itself gives us great value and importance. Can you imagine the feeling when He judges us worthy to enter the gates of Heaven and settle into the everlasting “mansion” He has prepared for us?

What a wonderful and glorious moment. Praise be to God.


Mark 8:36   

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