Streetlight, Burn Bright (by Yoli Worth)

When you are too cold, standing naked

Take my clothes

And never feel exposed to judgmental


They don’t understand


When you are too weak to eat

Come closer dear

In my hand is a bowl and spoon

Let me feed you


When you are too afraid to cry

I draw next to you

Holding a hand out to wipe away doubts

Falling from a hurting


When you are too ashamed to ask

Don’t be anxious

I will help you no matter what

Together in


When you are too confused to see

Know I see you

Remember you are your own Light

I will guide you to


When you are too busy to remember

I will watch over

It’s okay that you make mistakes and

walk astray

I always offer


When you are struggling to wake

I feel your pain

Don’t let temptations take you over

Believe you are


When you are alone in a crowd

Know you are not

I stand beside you and keep you


Whispering words of


When you are fighting against yourself

I pick you up

Showing you the way to happiness

Where you know you


For more of Yoli’s writing see:

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