A Vote For God (by D.A. Cobb)

After entering the polling booth during a recent election I pulled the curtain closed and  began the search for my intended choices. Most of those running for office were relatively unknown; still I treasure this constitutional right.

I checked each preference and pulled the appropriate lever, registering my vote for what I hoped would be the winner for the office selected. The next day’s paper published the results, some good and some disappointing. As I laid the newspaper aside I began to reflect on the choices we have with God for either the acceptance or rejection of His Word.

There will be no straw voting or exit polls involved in our decision for a relationship with Him, no liberal or conservative conflicts of His message and certainly no misunderstanding of His promise and agenda.

He is the candidate offering peace, grace, mercy and the hope for everlasting life. The evil one offers a platform for darkness, sin and perpetual death. There are no moderated debates since we understand good versus evil and no quorums are required as we reach our Lord individually through prayer. All partisan thoughts are dismissed as His party triumphs and no caucus or primary is necessary as there is but one choice, His eternal light as we open our hearts to Jesus Christ.

We will find no need for an absentee ballot as He is present when we cast our eternal vote. We shall witness the returns through His tears of joy as He welcomes us into His Paradise and His outreached arms will offer comfort and rest to those who enter. Above all, we are now surrounded by His governing and consuming love.

Are you registered  to vote for His everlasting ballot?

2Peter 1:10-11


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