Car Wash (by D.A. Cobb)

Every so often I take my car to a full service wash where it is cleaned inside and out.  Tires and wheels are scrubbed, the interior is wiped clean, the exterior hand dried and the windows become spotless. My car always seems to run better when it is dirt free and shiny.

One afternoon while standing in front of the oversized window watching this fascinating process I noticed a sign that read, “Caution: Car Wash Roof Under Repair.” I looked up and to my surprise saw huge gaping holes above my car framing blue skies and beautiful white puffy cumulus clouds. My first reaction was “so what, it gets wet in there anyway.” Then I remembered winter, water, freezing.

Regardless of the time of year reflect on these words from the “Teacher”,

“There is a time for everything,

and a season for every activity under the heavens.”

                                                                                                        Ecclesiastes 3:1

As ambassadors for Christ we must be prepared to witness in the name of Jesus and to give our personal testimony, in season or out, for His purpose. The Bible is filled with Scriptures giving the faithful those needed instructions for bringing non-believers to the throne of the Father and His sacrificed Son. By doing this we become herding shepherds to the unfulfilled. What greater pleasure or higher reward is there than to have Jesus welcome us with His open arms of acceptance for our gifts of patience and introduction?

In my case these written essays will eventually find themselves in published form as my response to the doubters of God’s presence and as encouragement to those already in Christ.

“Go now, write it on a tablet for them, inscribe it on a scroll,

that for the days to come it may be an everlasting witness.”

                                                                                                              Isaiah 30:8

May you someday be washed clean by His forgiveness.

Psalm 51:1-3

One thought on “Car Wash (by D.A. Cobb)

  1. amazing…


    We are celebrating one year anniversary, wish to say thank you for the support in the past year, it would be a delight to have you share a piece of poetry with us today , any poems or Haiku, old or new are welcome…Please feel free to join us and get some feedback!

    You Deserve The Best!

    Bless your Monday!
    Jingle Poetry Community


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