The FIRST Real Choice in the Beginning Involved Eating!!! (by Rebecca Albrecht)

How many diet books have you bought?  And magazines?  Looking for the magic one for you!  Yes, I believe it all started with that tree that wasn’t to be eaten from… food was then and is today a pit nearly everyone has fallen into in one way or another.  But as I was meditating on this I got down right angry because I too swallowed the lie and blamed just like Adam and Eve did.  But to think this is where it all started!!! 

The food stronghold is as OLD a lie as it can get. We can really rationalize our actions and motives so others don’t know why we are doing certian things.  We can fool everyone but God!  He knows all our actions, motives, and our excuses!  Proverbs 16:1 “We can make our own plans but the Lord gives the right answer.”

Our body is the Home of the Holy Spirit!!  When I read that this week I had a flashback of an ad on TV about those folks who hold onto everything they ever owned…..the packrats!  And they lived in that! UGH!  But is my body like that for the Holy Spirit?  Am I hiding something in my heart from God about this?  He knows, but He wants acknowledgement from me, right?  Then we together can come into agreement to heal that.  When I hide something it means I am in denial.

My prayer is that we all can have a good chat with God and walk with Him on this.  Perhaps a private goal between you and Him.  He loves you right where you are and no matter the situation He is there just for you, today!

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