Full Coverage (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!!! Do you have FIRE INSURANCE? Not on your home… on your SOUL? That’s all some Christians want in their life, just enough Grace to be saved for the INSURANCE of heaven ALONE. They are not interested in the COVERAGE Jesus gives to them on a daily basis. That would be too COMPREHENSIVE. After all, they would have to change their POLICY to FULL COVERAGE, which would cause a DEDUCTIBLE of PREVIOUS BENEFITS (sin). When you have Jesus work as your AGENT He will make sure you are COVERED for it all, even THEFT. Satan is an expert at  STEALING Joy, DAMAGING HOMES, and SHATTERING Dreams. Change your POLICY to FULL COVERAGE HERE AND NOW!! You can be in GOOD HANDS WITH ALLSTATE of the mind and soul. Joy Unspeakable, Love you 🙂

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