Road Signs (by Becky Rommel)

Good morning!! While DRIVING to work I missed the ROAD I was to TURN on. I went the WRONG WAY. Are you missing the ROAD to your DESTINATION? God always POST SIGNS to give us DIRECTION. Even if it seems CONDITIONS are HAZARDOUS in your life right now, you can always make a SHARP U-TURN. God will always give you a DETOUR if there is CONSTRUCTION WORK involved in your life. Take it!! A RIGHT TURN will get you off that DEAD END you’re on. Haven’t you hit your LIMIT yet? You’re going too FAST down a DO NOT ENTER ZONE. ONE WAY that will help you is to STOP at the REST AREA and pray. YIELD to God at the CROSSROAD. So when you PASS on and see the DESTINATION ETERNITY, He will MEET YOU THERE!! Joy!! Love you:-)

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