Spiritual Nutrition (by Becky Rommel)

Good Morning!! I think about FOOD all the time. I would be in really GOOD SHAPE if I thought about GOD as much as FOOD. I need to let Him SATISFY my Hunger instead of FILLING it with SIN. I still CRAVE the UNHEALTHY LIFE. I’m no different then anyone else. I love JUNK FOOD. See Satan knows if he can get me SNACKIN, my APPETITE could get BIG. Don’t you notice He doesn’t display any NUTRITIONAL FACTS? He just say’s “HAVE ALL YOU WANT”. That’s why He hates the BIBLE because it’s full of HEALTHY information. Don’t you see he doesn’t care what you put IN he just cares about what comes OUT? He’s hoping to cause a DANGEROUS HEART CONDITION IN YOU. So before you INDULGE in a UNHEATHY LIFESTYLE, WEIGH the SCALES and see if it’s worth it. Joy Love you 🙂

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